Drifting Rules

Hours will be 12pm -5pm with tandem Drifting from 1pm-3pm

If there are 30 drivers by 1:30pm we will extend the day 1 hour and run until 6pm. If there are 40 drivers then we will extend the tandem time 1 hour as well and run from 1pm-4pm.

Drivers will be charged $55 and Spectators $10 age 5 and under are free

Anyone entering the Pit area must sign a release form

The Main Grand Stand area will be open for spectators

All Drivers must be over the age of 18 and provide proof of age. If under the age 18 you must have a valid drivers license and a minor release must be properly filled out.

All Pit Spectators must be over the age of 18 and provide proof of age. If under the age of 18 a minor release from must be filled out.

Minor Drivers or spectators that are under the age of 18 must have a minor release form signed and properly filled out by parent/legal guardian in order to get into the pit area. This form can be picked up at the Speedrome pit office or can be found online. If brought in from outside, it must be notarized. A copy of the individual’s birth certificate must be submitted with the Minor release form. The copy of the Birth Certificate will be kept on file, but a new minor release form must be filled out at each event.

Minor Release Form

No alcohol will be allowed in the Pit area or no alcohol will be allowed to be brought and consumed on the premises.

Driver Notes:
Common sense safety
SA 2005 helmets
Roll bars in convertibles
no leaks
Battery hold down
wear seat belts